Episode 701: Saxon Silver. The boys are in England with Gary, Ant, and the Jolly Pirate Crew, on the hunt for Saxon treasure. Several incredible sites yield Roman items as well as a few other surprises. Who will find the rarest Saxon artifact?

Episode 702: The Golden Ring. In this double-length extravaganza, KG, Ringy, and the MDH crew pull up multiple pieces of late medieval hammered silver, rings, coin spills, and too many other incredible trinkets from the past to mention. The find of a lifetime is made, which leads to some incredible history, and yet another display in an English museum!!!

Episode 703: Castle Coinage. The Lost Episode! KG & Ringy uncover old coins near an ancient castle in Belgium. Who will find the oldest coin? Possibly the weirdest episode yet.

Bloopers B1: Bloopers Reel 1. See how NOT smart we is at talking and stuff. A collection of bloopers from Season One of DWKGR. Outtakes and weird, childish nonsense that just happened during the 2016-2017 world tour.

Bloopers B2: Bloopers Reel 2. From all three seasons and 21 shows of DWKGR, here's a huge extra batch of bloopers, outtakes, and inappropriate behavior from the world of KG and Ringy. If you don't laugh out loud at least once during this 24 minute blast of mental lapses, there's something wrong in the world. (Yeah, we know. It's probably us.)

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