Episode 501: Nectar Down Under. KG and Ringy hunt world famous Bondi Beach as a warm-up, before moving toward the Outback in search of gold and treasure left by Australian miners back in the mid 1800s. Part 1 of 2.

Episode 502: Aussie Gold Down Under. King George and Ringmaster Tim continue their quest for Australian gold and other treasures in the Land of Oz. Kangaroos, coins, and the usual craziness ensue. Part 2 of 2.

Episode 503: Netherlands' Knight of Nectar. KG and Ringy comb the 16th century stomping grounds of Netherlands’ folk hero Grutte Pier for real life proof of the legendary man, and end up face to face with the great Pier himself.

Episode 504: Massive German Mining Mission. KG and Ringy look for lost items from Roman times through the WW2 era at several sites in Germany, including an old 19th century Fort, a Roman well, and a ghost town destined for destruction in the path of a modern coal mining operation.

Episode 505: Crowning a King in the UK. KG and Ringy find themselves hunting for Roman and Iron Age coins in English farm fields that were part of Roman and Celtic settlements. Henry the VIII also makes an appearance.

Episode 506: French Fields of Fortune. KG and Ringy explore remote areas in France, hoping to find evidence of settlements dating from medieval times all the way back to the time of Julius Caesar’s battle with the Gauls in 52 BC.

Episode 507: Roundness Rescue in Russia. KG and Ringy stroll through Red Square and hunt for lost treasures at sites outside of Moscow dating back to the time of Ivan the Terrible, including a ghost town burned by the Germans during WW2.

Episode 508: Niagara Nectar: The War of 1812. The boys are in Canada on the hunt for their first true War of 1812 nectar. With plenty of impressive discoveries from the early and late 19th century, KG and Ringy fight a close battle, but only one can claim victory.

Episode 509: Diver Down: Detecting the Deep. KG and Ringy explore the world of underwater treasure hunting. They search for lost jewelry, coins, and other lost trinkets in the murky depths, wary of potential giant squid attacks.

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