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MORE: We'll be talking about detecting each week, of course, but we'll also be looking at all the other fascinating facets of our guests lives. There will be tangents. It will lead to total chaos, and we probably won't get a chance to read all the incoming messages as the show airs live, but here's how you can participate in the various show segments at ANY time: Well in advance of the air time, just email or PM us questions for a particular guest, your questions about detecting (or life in general) for KG & Ringy's "Awesome Advice" segment, pictures and explanations of your favorite or most interesting finds for the "Fantastic Finds" segment, and anything else you want to discuss (i.e. guest suggestions, topic suggestions, or any obtuse question for us). We'll pick a random person from ALL of the submissions to win the prize of the week as well!!! The idea is that we'll be able sift through it all during the week and try to gear the show to what you want to see and hear. But who who are we kidding? It'll never work. We'll just do what we want like always. As the show progresses, there will be some larger prize packages as well, so we hope to see you each week at 8:30 Eastern, 7:30 Central, for all the fun! The live podcasts air on the Diggin with KG and Ringy Facebook page. Links to archived podcast episodes are posted right here at the bottom of this page after the live shows air. (EMAIL: RingmasterTim@gmail.com. PM: Diggin with KG and Ringy Facebook page.) For a listing of upcoming shows, guests,and events, check the ATC event schedule page.

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Podcast 1: Steve Moore
01/12/2021: The DOM from Garrett talks about traveling with the Diggers, authoring books and TV shows, and his favorite finds.

Podcast 2: Gypsy Jewels
01/19/2021: The founder of Zero Discrimination talks with us about art, painting, rainbows, unicorns, and her favorite relic finds.

Podcast 3: Detect America
01/26/2021: Steve, Frank, and Ronnie talk about their best finds, the Detect America podcast, and splitting open their pants.


Podcast 4: Marc & Gary
02/02/2021: Marc Hoover and Gary Penta discuss SCUBA diving the Florida coasts, treasure, miniature art, and FH7.

Podcast 5: KG & Ringy
02/09/2021: KG & Ringy riff on past finds, hilarious pig wrestling footage, cleaning techniques for naked Barbies, and more!

Podcast 6: Chris Langston
03/02/2021: KG & Ringy talk English treasure, gold rings, hammered silver, and weird stuff with Chris Langston of Metal Detecting Holidays.

Podcast 7: Justin Saylor
03/09/2021: Guitar wizard Justin Saylor joins KG & Ringy to talk rock and roll, guitars, 25 years of band gigs, and most important of all, metal detecting music.

Podcast 8: Carlotta B.
03/16/2021: CB chats with the boys about treasure, SCUBA diving, naked cats, gold teeth, silver coins, and making sammiches for Ringy.

Podcast 9: Warren McGrath
03/23/2021: NQE's Warren McGrath regales us with tales from the Land of Oz. Kangaroos, deadly snakes & spiders, & searching for a lost treasure well.

Podcast 10: Roger Wyant
03/30/2021: KG's sordid past is revealed by his brother Roger, an extraordinarily talented artist and honey badger like detectorist. Hammered silver and more!

Podcast 11: Miguel Ardito
04/06/2021: Garrett's Miguel Ardito chats with us about CGMH prep work, photography, and some awesome finds, including a GW inaugural button!

Podcast 12: Lucky Lou
04/27/2021: Lucky Lou regales us with tales of awesome finds including a GW button, seated halves, Spanish silver, multiple coppahs, and a gold seal ring.

Podcast 13: KG & Ringy
05/04/2021: KG & Ringy talk about birds, fish, and the recent Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt. KG does a show-and-tell session with some cool finds.

Podcast 14: Sgt. Whitey
05/11/2021: Shawn Sherrill (aka Sgt. Whitey) joins us for a CGMH4 insider's recap, and we chat about the AT MAX, monkey meat, spiders, and other bugs.

Podcast 15: Jeff Lubbert
05/18/2021: Colorado's Jeff Lubbert joins the show to discuss CGMH4, some crazy cool finds, Iowa, football, garbage dumping, and hairstyle trends.

Podcast 16: KG & Ringy
05/25/2021: KG & Ringy talk about recent finds, birds, deer, elk, treasure, a buried silver scavenger hunt, and they give away a bunch of cool stuff as usual.

Podcast 17: Gary Penta
06/29/2021: Sharks!!! Gary Penta joins the crew to talk about the recent megalodon tooth dives we did off the coast of Venice, Florida. Show and tell time!

PC 18: Butch Holcombe
07/27/2021: American Digger Magazine's Butch Holcombe joins the boys for a chat covering his new book, and past shenanigans with KG and Ringy.

Podcast 19: KG & Ringy
08/03/2021: KG & Ringy make fun of injured people, and go off on tangents, including science of toes, calling toe trucks, and doing shots with toes in them.

Podcast 20: Peter Sorrell
08/10/2021: Peter Sorrell, event organizer and detectorist, joins the boys to talk DIGSTOCK 2021, War of 1812 treasures, and pine tree shillings.

Podcast 21: Pete & Joe
08/24/2021: Pete Schichtel & Joe Jorgensen discuss cannonballs, arrowheads, coins, several dig projects, and the amazing, infamous snakepit.